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About Us


The Nyakundi Foundation

The Nyakundi Foundation is an initiative to connect people to each other and empower them to change the world around them. The foundation strives to achieve this objective through the Resource Centre (RC) model. The RC is a one-stop centre where youth activities are coordinated for the youth by the youth. The Foundation acts as a facilitator to empower the youth to conceptualize programs and to capacitate them through resource mobilization and program execution.

The Foundation was started by the Nyakundi family motivated by the desire to share some of the lessons the family has learnt through challenges they have endured. This experiential approach enables the Foundation trustees to connect with the intended beneficiaries at a personal level.
Through the CRC’s, the Foundation runs programs in the following interconnected thematic areas:-


  • Economic Empowerment
  • Life and Employability skills
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Health and wellness

Our History

The philosophy of the Nyakundi Foundation is inspired by the swahili saying ‘kutoa ni moyo, usambe ni utajiri’ which loosely translates to ‘you don’t give from treasure, but from the heart’.

This is an attempt to change the mindsets of the youth by re-kindling the spirit of “ubuntu” which at its core stresses self help, co-operation and shared prosperity

Kefa Nyakundi, the Managing Trustee, was born in the late 1960s in Kisii County and brought up under circumstances similar to the ones that the Foundation is now striving to address. A third born son to the late Andrew Omanga and  Fridah Nyarieko (God bless their souls), Kefa and his siblings endured a very tough childhood when their mother passed on very early in their lives. Luckily – thanks to Ubuntu spirit existing at the time – the children were brought up by philanthropic relatives. Omanga had three wives at different phases of his life who sired for him 15 children in total (Four boys and 11 girls).

Kefa’s challenging early childhood is a key motivation for setting up the foundation. He not only wants to give back to the society that has taken care of him, but also to bequeath to his children the culture of charity which is rare in the modern World of self aggrandizement.

The operating model of the Foundation represents an attempt to re-invigorate the social support structures at the village level that ensure that each person is his/her brother’s/sister’s keeper.

Kefa is married to Hellen Wangechi and together, they have been blessed with three children – Jacqueline Nyarieko, Tania Moywaywa and Tanisha Waturi.


Our Vision

A caring, flourishing and resilient society where everyone's potential is optimized.

Our Mission

Connecting young people to each other and empowering them to be global change agents through local initiatives

Core Values

1. Dignity - We treat each person, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity/race, religion, physical or mental disposition equitably, with respect and fairness.
2. Integrity – All our interactions with beneficiaries, staff, partners and other stakeholders are guided by the highest ethical and moral standards marked by honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, and trustworthiness.
3. Society - Each of us strives to find and support a purpose that supersedes personal desire, ‘making a difference’ in society, leaving society a better place.
4. Collaboration - We work through pooling of skills, resources, knowledge and networks to create sufficient capacity to solve significant challenges facing our society.