Youth Empowerment Program – Call for Partners

Edmund Burke (1729-1797) once said “Tell me the prevailing sentiments that occupy the minds of your young men, and I will tell you what the character of the next generation will be”. 

Kenya, is a very youthful country with a median age estimated at 19 years, and with about 80 percent of the population below 35 years. However, instead of being a boon, this population profile is now termed the “Youth Curse” with Kenya featuring among the top 10 countries with the highest unemployment rates in the World.

Such a state of affairs requires concerted efforts to address. In order to play its part, Nyakundi Foundation has ,mooted a Youth Empowerment Program whose aim is to empower the youth from a radius of a designated Resource Centre acquire work-readiness and employability skills that are relevant and practical. The skills to be imparted in the youth will vary but will include Financial Literacy training; Vocational Training; Counselling and Psychology training; Entrepreneurship training; ICT Skills training; Savings and Investment schemes; and Entrepreneurship Schemes.

This is a call for partners operating within Kisii and Nyamira Counties to join hands with Nyakundi Foundation to address this ticking youth time bomb. Partners could be from any of the following categories:-

    1. Universities, Schools and Technical and Vocational training Colleges
    2. Corporate Organizations willing to partner and provide internship opportunities for the trained youth
    3. Corporate Sponsors interested in Youth Capacity building
    4. Volunteers, including Senior Corporate executives willing to volunteer time to give talks in Youth Forums
    5. Professionals in Finance, Accounting, and Counselling Psychology willing to volunteer their skills for youth empowerment


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