Morara Resource Centre

Morara Resource Centre (MRC) is a one-stop centre providing information, learning resources, and support to the youth of Kineni-Isoge in Nyamira County and its environs. ORC will host a Learning Library and a training centre fully equipped with Computers and access to Internet. MRC runs programs in the following 4 thematic areas:-

    1. Health and Wellness including Mental and Psychological Health Programs; Sports and recreational activities and Reproductive Health Programs
    2. Life Skills & Employability Programs including Financial Literacy training; Vocational Training; Counselling and Psychology training; Entrepreneurship training; ICT Skills training; Savings and Investment schemes; and Entrepreneurship Schemes
    3. Economic Empowerment including Supporting participating youth with conceptualizing project proposals, seeking funding and implementing the projects.
    4. Environment Stewardship Programs including Environmental Cleanups and recycling; and Tree Planting

MRC is governed by a committee that comprises representatives from Nyakundi Foundation, the community, as well as County Government.

The building housing MRC is already in place. Funding being raised will go towards furniture and fittings, Computers and equipment, Library set up as well as information and materials, training and capacity building of the Oversight committee, and salaries for the two employees doing coordination and liaison.


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