Medical Health for Rural Folks

It is a fact that more than half the global rural population is excluded from healthcare. Anyone living in Kenya knows how many Harambees are being done to pay for medical bills or to bury a loved one who has passed on. Whereas culturally this has become ‘a good thing’ which brings people together, the economic effects are dire and many cases abound where families are forced to mortgage property to pay for medical bills.

The much vaunted Universal health coverage is essentially supposed to provide relief but the reality on the ground is different.

At Nyakundi Foundation, we seek to provide ‘market-based’ solutions to the youth and elderly in the rural homes by providing cover for groups that incorporates the youth, parents, and their children. Working through our Community Resource Centre Model, people are organized into groups and medical cover procured for the group.

We are continually seeking partners to increase the support to the less privileged.





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